CANopen made easy.

CAN/MoveIt is a family of software and hardware products specifically designed to simplify the implementation of CANopen Masters.


Modern API

Program you application using an  object-oriented C/C++ library.

Modular architecture

The framework can be easily extended to control any CAN / CANopen device.

The best ROI

More affordable and easier to learn than any competitor.

Fast learning curve

You don’t need to learn the CANopen standard to build your motion control applications.

One Master to rule them all

CAN/MoveIt can be used to control any device that conforms with the CiA 301 standard, in particular servo drives and motion controllers (CiA 402). Thanks to its “Motor Abstract Layer“, all the complex details of the communication protocol can be hidden from the user; the application developer isn’t obliged any more to spend time learning CANopen. CAN/MoveIt is particularly effective in applications where multiple motors/actuators must be controlled, coordinated and/or synchrononized in real time.

Focus on what really matters

So you need a controller that communicates with one or several CANopen nodes in a network… Implementing yet another CANopen interface will not add any value to you product and is not probably part of your core business, but nevertheless you will ask yourself if you should  build your own software library or buy a commercially available one. Let us help you decide

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